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The Labradoodle Family

We are a home-based breeder in Katy Texas. We are a family team of 5 me my husband and 3 teens that are a huge help with the doodles. Our family love and enjoy our doodles and we're always being commended on how great our doodles health are and how beautiful their coats are. Royal Paws Labradoodles started when I Belinda seen two labradoodles for the first time. Their names were Snickers and Dooley, they blew my mind and their coat was beautiful and temperment was amazing.

              "I wanted a doodle that day", but with much research and saving within 2 years, we the Johnson's purchased our first doodle. I was amazed at how so many people were attracted to our new doodle, (KING). I wanted to share the breed with the world. Since then, I have taken great measures to educate myself about the breed of the doodles, by taken courses along with studing and have been mentored by a breeder that have over 20 years of experience. I want to be the best breeder I can be and also share the breed with dog lovers that are truly ready to be pet owners of this wonderful breed. I Belinda Johnson is also a proud member of the ALAA, an exceptional organization that does research to better the breed........."Whoever said you can't buy love forgot about Labradoodles".

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