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Guardian Homes 

Guardian Homes are families that receives a top quality breeding pup to become a member of their family. There is a charge of $500 which is refundable with no charge for the puppy. In exchange for the pick the litter. The family agrees to follow the conditions set out by Royal Paws Labradoodle while the pup is in my breeding program. When the labradoodle is retired from breeding (Girls about 5/6 yrs of age, boys about 10/12 yrs of age) I pay for spay or neutering and deposit is refunded.

Why Guardian Homes 

All dogs need attention, love and a family regardless if its a breeding dog or a spayed or neutered dog. And I want every labradoodle of Royal Paws labradoodles to have that, above anything else. this is also the best way for me to expand my breeding program with love and care for the pups.

Some Guardian Home Requirements 

1. Live within 1 hour of Houston,Tx.

2. Fully fenced yard.

3.Feed only top quality food recommended by Royal Paws Labradoodles. 

4. Beginner/ Intermediate and advanced training done by age 2.

5. Understanding responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog.

6. Return the dog to us for breeding and whelping.

7. Agree to regular health, veterinary care and condition of the dog.

8. Communicate freely with us about the health and condition of the dog.

9. Sign contract.

10. Give love and attention to labradoodle.

Benefits of being Guardian Home. 

1.) Receive pick of the litter.

2.) I will care for the dog when family vacation.

3.)Providing a breeding dog family for life, never experiencing living life in a kennel or being re-homed after retirement.

                                                                                            Royal Paws Labradoodles

                                                                               18811 Windy Stone Dr., Houston, TX 77084



                                                                              Phone: 281-396-4742    Cell: 504-650-1415


                                                                                          GUARDIANSHIP APPLICATION


Guardianship allows you to have a top-quality health tested dog free of charge. You give the dog the love, affection and life every dog deserves. It’s a $500 deposit which you will receive back when once the dog’s breeding career is over (around 6 yrs. for girls and 10-12 yrs. for boys) or until breeder decides. Dog will also be spayed/neutered at the expense of the breeder once breeding is complete. You will work close with breeder to make sure the dog is getting the best care.


Name: _____________________________________    Phone: _____________________

Address: ___________________________________    City: _______________________    

State: ___________        Zip Code: _______________

Email: ______________________________


(About you)


1. Have you ever owned a dog before? (circle)   Yes        No    If yes, please explain: ____________



2. Do you live in a (circle)      house or          apartment    if an apartment, how do you plan to exercise your puppy daily (1 hour a day)? ____________________________________________


3. Do you have a fenced yard? (circle)         Yes         No


4. Have you really thought about owning a puppy and the responsibility that it holds? (See website for more info on responsibility of owning a puppy)          Yes      No


5. Are there kids in the home? (circle)         Yes       No


(About puppy)


6. Will you provide the puppy with veterinarian care? (Flea and tick, heartworm meds, shots, nail grinding, dental care, etc.) (circle)         Yes       No


7. Do you plan to enroll the puppy in obedience and socialization classes? (circle)     Yes No


8. Will you give plenty of love and time to the puppy? (circle)         Yes     No


9. Is the cost of caring for a dog fit into your budget? (circle)           Yes No


10. Will the puppy be inside, outside or crate? Explain: _______________________________


11. What do you plan to do with your puppy if you go on vacation? Explain: ______________



12. Why do you want a labradoodle? Explain: ________________________________________



Thank you for your interest in Royal Paws Labradoodles. Application must be reviewed then $500 deposit is required to make reservation and move forward to be placed on the list. First come, first served after application review and deposit is paid. Make cashier’s check payable to Royal Paws Labradoodles. Mail check to 18811 Windy Stone Dr., Houston, TX 77084.


RPL have the right to retain first pick male and/or female puppies as future breeding dogs.


Please sign to indicate that the $500 deposit is refundable.


You will be placed on the next liter’s list if there are not enough puppies. If you do not want to wait for the next litter, your deposit will be refunded but for that reason only.


Signature ________________________________    Print______________________________


Date __________________________

Contact to take further action.

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