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Q1.How does the reservation process works? When should I reserve my puppy?

A1.You can email or call BJ 504-650-1415 to reserve your puppy. Puppy application will be emailed or texted to you. You can fill it out and send it back by email or text. If there are no issues, your application will be approved and we will request the deposit. Once deposit is paid its non-refundable, only transferable to another litter. You can reserve a puppy at anytime, if you know you ONLY want a puppy from us and you’re gonna be patient and wait for the next litter available with no rush… If you just want a puppy asap you can email or call at anytime to see if we have any available first before you put down a deposit for reservations (deposits are non-refundable). 



Q2. How does puppy picking process work?

A2. You pick in the order of which your deposit was received. We will assist you in which pup that will be best for you, but it is up to you in the end. 


Q3. When is the complete balance due for my puppy, and can I pay installments?

A3. Full balance for puppy is due 2 weeks before pick up date and yes we can set up installment payments for you.


Q4. Is it a difference in gender, should I pick a girl or a boy? 

A4. It doesn’t matter, all puppies have to be spayed/neutered by 10 months old so you won’t have to deal with heat cycles. It’s all about the personality of the dog in the end, both boy or girl could be perfect for your family.


Q5. Can we visit the puppies? 

A5. Due to unfortunate times, we’re only doing visits on the day you pick up your puppy. You will receive weekly/biweekly updates, pictures and videos of the puppies throughout the entire process. 


Q6. How long is Labradoodles lifespan?

A6. It’s 12-14 yrs, with love a good diet and great care your puppy can live a great full life.


Q7. What type of fur will my puppy have? Will my puppy fur shed?

A7. Your puppy will have a soft fleece coat that can vary from wavy to curly. Fur will not shed until puppy gets about 6-7 months (depends on tightness of the curl, sometimes closer to 1yrs old) then fur will naturally shed (very lightly) but will not come out of the fur, it will lock in the fur (so that’s why labradoodles have a reputation for being a non shedding dog) but as your puppy fur grows you need to de-shed them and maintain by brushing fur every 2-3 days with a slicker brush to ensure all tangles are out to prevent mats. Click here to order slicker brush we use


Q8. How often should I wash and groom my puppy?

A8. Every 3-4 weeks is a great time for baths to prevent drying their skin out, but if your puppy sleeps with you (which is your choice) I understand you would want to bathe more often. If you bathe more often it is best to always make sure puppy ears are completely dry (due to labradoodles long ears they tend to get ear infections really quickly) and follow the shampoo with conditioner and massage in for 5 mins as a treatment to replenish moisture back into the pup/dog skin. We recommend and use on all of our puppies and dogs for baths. 


Q9. What should I expect on pick up day? Can I bring someone with me?

A9. Pick up day is a 30 min window. You will pick your puppy, sign paperwork and pick my brain a little more and take a few photos (photos are optional) I know it’s very exciting for the family but please only yourself and up to 2 guests when picking up puppy… If we’re doing a doodle mobile drop off it’ll be 15 min visit window (must be within 24 min drive, if longer it will be a $25 delivery charge and $1 every mile thereafter). If you’ve hired a nanny, we will make arrangements and make sure we’re all on the same page, and we’ll do a FaceTime call with a 15 min window on pick up date so you’ll receive your puppy 2-3 days after normal pick up date unless your first or second pic.


Q10. I want to see the puppies but I haven’t paid a deposit, can I come and see them?

A10. Visits are only allowed at the appointed time to clients that have deposits in place. 


Q11.  Can I pick up my puppy before or after my pick up date ?

A11. Puppies go home between 8 to 9 weeks. If you need me to hold puppy longer than pick up date it will be a $25 per day charge until you pick your puppy up. special about your Labradoodles?

A12. labradoodles are our babies and they’re special because we love them and treat them just as they are, our family. We health test each one of them fully and beyond what’s required, we make sure none of them carry any genetic diseases, they're free and clear of any issues that the breed in particular tends to carry. We feed them a well healthy balanced diet with vitamins and fresh alkaline water. We do our best to deliver healthy pups to all our clients. Our dogs and puppies live inside our home, 3-4 weeks we introduce pups to potty, sounds, toys, discipline, petting and plenty socialization with our family, both children and adults… we spoil them with love, we get them adjusted to being groomed by bathing, blow drying, clipping nails and mini groom… I can keep going on but I’ll just say WE LOVE OUR DOODLES AND WHAT WE DO! 


Any more questions, email us at

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