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     Welcome to Royal Paws Labradoodles 


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You're in the right place if you're looking for a great companion, workout buddy, friend, cuddle buddy are just plain ole couch potato!

If you're ready to share your life, love, space, time, family and money- "yes I said money" you will need it for monthly maintenance, grooming, toys, treats, food, flea & tick prevention and possibly cute outfits!!! If this applies to you, then you're ready!!! LETS GOOOOOOO > click here for reservations


     We present to you the Australian Labradoodles, the most adorable, sociable, sweet, energetic and extremely clever pups. We breed only for the highest quality coat and temperament. They're AMAZING!!! Their high quality helps you enjoy having a new healthy puppy with no worries. 

It's Labradoodle Royalty !!!
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We Are A Proud DNA Breeder
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